Zero Nine

  • Unity 4
  • 15 May 2014
  • Project Prison Ark

Prison Ark aims to give the player a new experience of the platform genre by combining the often separated action filled battles and puzzle elements into a single mechanic. Central to this is the protagonist’s tool nicknamed “Useless” and it’s different top elements. It won’t harm other living creatures, thus encouraging the player to get creative, while trying to escape the strange place he’s held captive in.

Zero Nine was my first 3D character, I created during my studies, using only the Low Poly model and a Diffuse Texture. After realizing that her design and edge flow did not work out as I expected, I reworked her for the purpose of my university game project and 2.5D Platformer Prison Ark.

I have since than learned a great deal about 3D workflows, but this character will always be were I started.